Building a Monument

Pike County's Coal History

Around April 13, 1750, Dr. Thomas Walker was the first recorded person to discover and use coal in Kentucky. In 1820, the first commercial mine, known as the "McLean drift bank" opened in Kentucky, near the Green River and Paradise in Muhlenberg County, in Western Kentucky; and, Kentuckians have been mining coal ever since.

For over 250 years, coal has been used in Kentucky, and probably longer if you count the native American Indians. The discovery of coal spurred increased investment in the Eastern Coalfields, including Pike County, and led to the construction of the railroads and highway systems that have been built over the last 150 years. Pike County has vast coal reserves, with billions of tons still left that can’t be cost-effectively mined with existing technologies. Throughout its history, Pike County has been one of the nation's leading coal producers. At one time Pike County alone mined enough coal to rank third in the country as a coal-producer and was for many years the largest coal producer in the Commonwealth. 

The Backbone of America

America was built on coal. For nearly 200 years, coal has been the energy source that helped generate cheaper electricity and was critical to forging steel to build America—the railroads, the bridges, and the skyscrapers all were possible because of coal.  The wars we have fought, the rifles, tanks, ships, and planes are all forged from steel, which was not possible without coal.

The coal miner was there—making sure the coal was mined. The coal miner is the backbone that built America. Coal miners played a critical part in defending America in every conflict in the last 150 years.

Our Goal

Dedicated to building a monument to the coal miners of Pike County, Kentucky. As a non-profit in Pikeville our coal miner memorial in Pikeville will be a lasting tribute to each and every coal miner. The Pike County Coal Miner Memorial in Pikeville will raises funds and dedicate 100% of those funds to efforts to build this memorial.

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